NEW: Globe-Trotter Watch Case

This is another new release for those whose watch accessories budget is large and who like luggage. If Rimowa’s new AUD 2,969 three watch case isn’t exactly what you have been looking for, or if you have more than three watches, want them to be in the one case, and want them in something from a traditional luggage company (the two companies were, in fact, founded within a year of each other) with an identifiable ‘look’, then the new releases from Globe-Trotter may be the thing for you.

The new limited edition 12-Slot Watch Case is a part of their Centenary collection and has all the classic Globe-Trotter hallmarks. It is made from vulcanised fibre board with leather trim, and has latches that can be locked. The internal watch compartment can be removed. It weighs 3.6kg and measures 29.5cm x 37cm x 11.5cm (W x H x D).

It comes in three colour options – Black/ Black/ Nickel, Green/ Brown/ Brass, and Navy/ Navy/ Nickel. It will set you back £2,100, but because the inside can be removed, it can change roles and improve ‘cost-per-wear’, as it were, but at a (further) cost. You can add a shoulder strap and the necessary amendments to change it into a vertically-aligned attaché case. You can also, if your budget allows, use their bespoke service for personalisation. The standard model can be purchased on their website, and you can avail yourself of the free intitialling service, but contact them for any other additions.

[Photo credit: Globe-Trotter]

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