Welcome to Horologium, an Australia-based watch website where you will find watch industry news, hands-on reviews, interviews and more related to the world of horology.

This site was established in June 2012 by Y. Chan. She has written for Watchmatchmaker, Monochrome, World Tempus, Revolution Australia, The Hour Glass Magazine, and other publications. You can contact her at thehorologium@gmail.com

You can find us on Instagram at @thehorologium.

All articles on Horologium that are dated pre 4 July 2012 first appeared on The Sydney Tarts blog and are reproduced here. A complete list of all pieces written for TST can be found at its website.

Watch photography or footage on this site is by @horologium, @initialjh,, SRC, @horochrono, or lumiere photographie as marked.

Posts by contributing members are as marked.

Our London partner site is #thewatchnerd. Photos and other content from #thewatchnerd may be found on Horologium.

April 2018 -we are pleased to welcome fellow Sydney-based bilingual sister site Remontoire.

10 replies

  1. firstly, congratulations on HOROLOGIUM. it’s going to take some getting used to saying / spelling, rather than the usual AP or Syd Tarts that has been imprinted in my mind. am sure you’ll excel under this and continue to deliver the usual awesomeness that comes from your ‘typewriter’.


  2. Big congrats to you! I had no idea you started your own watch blog. Best of luck!


  3. Hey all, congrats on the new site. It took me a month or so to process the “horologium” references I kept seeing on twitter, but now I am all tuned in now…look forward to keeping up!


  4. Congratulations on a great site! Love the post detailling B&M’s exquisite anniversary exhibition in Bondi Junction.
    Let’s keep in touch.


  5. Sensational to have a local presence with your insightful blog. I particularly enjoyed the article on the Fifty Fathoms & it truly is a classic !
    I have been a keen trader in the vintage watches for 30 years or so & love the resources we have at our fingertips with the net.
    Love your work.


  6. Wow. What a fascinating discovery! Just found you through a google search for an obscure watch movement. Still bingeing on your site, but already a great mix of tasteful objectivity, technical expertise and historical knowledge. Thank you.


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