CHANEL: Coco clock

One of the releases that may have passed you by this year is a clock, and it comes from Chanel. Unlike their watches, which are widely known and popular, the brand isn’t usually associated with this sort of timepiece (apart from perhaps the Chronosphere), which is one of the reasons we think it is worth mentioning.

Meet the Coco Clock, complete with a few hundred diamonds, featuring a cartoon-like depiction of the brand’s founder, whose fame, influence, and wide-ranging relationships reached beyond the world of fashion. This is not the first use of this image, it having previously appeared three years ago in the form of a limited edition of the highly successful J12.

If Chanel clocks are something you have noticed before, then this 2020 one may seem slightly familiar – there was a clock released in 2018 in an obsidian case. Called the Mademoiselle Privé Coromandel table clock, its decorative dial was inspired by Coco Chanel’s Coromandel lacquer screens and highlighted the use of the art of stone engraving. Its base was set with 132 diamonds, the bezel 176 diamonds, and it was a pièce unique.

However, this wasn’t the only Coromandel-themed timepiece from Chanel. If we hark back to a recent post featuring dials by Anita Porchet, she was also behind three limited edition Coromandel dials in grand feu enamel for their Mademoiselle Privé wristwatches (and the clock). Her atelier is responsible for the figure of Coco Chanel for this year’s Coco Clock as well.

This 2020 clock has a white-gold base with 305 diamonds, and a bezel with 166 diamonds. Coco is made from black obsidian, diamonds, and pearls. The back is diamond and glass-plated and through it you can see the open-worked movement.

Something else links the two clocks – the movement, and this is another reason that this clock is worth noting. Both the 2018 and 2020 Chanel-Porchet clocks share the same mechanical key-wound movement with an eight day power reserve. It is by none other than L’Epée, perhaps best known to watch people for their work with MB&F.

The Coco clock is 110mm x 153mm x 61mm, in a limited edition of ten pieces, and is priced at around the three-quarters of a million Australian Dollars mark. .


[Photo credit: Chanel]

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