NEW: MB&F TriPod

Do things come in threes? Humans look for patterns (‘apophenia’, coined by Klaus Conrad, is the tendency to see connections and meaningful links between unrelated things). As as a creative device, the number three has long been a popular one,… Read More ›

MB&F and L’Epée : Destination Moon

The latest MB&F and L’Epée collaboration, Destination Moon, uses the latter’s eight-day movement to power a rocket. Developed specifically for Destination Moon, L’Epée’s eight-day movement follows the basic engineering of a real spaceship. the power for Destination Moon comes from… Read More ›

MB&F : Balthazar

MB&F’s continued collaboration with clockmaker Epée 1839 to realise Max Büsser’s horological dreams introduced its latest manifestion a few months ago in the form of a ‘self-named’ (of sorts, but more on that later) 40cm high robot-inspired clock called Balthazar… Read More ›

Real Time : Schiphol Clock

Today we bring you something a bit different and, dare I say, worth travelling to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport for – a 10ft high performance art clock by Dutch designer Maarten Baas. The latest edition of his ‘Real Time’ series, it… Read More ›