NEWS : Swatch Drive-Thru

Would you like fries with that?

At the Swatch Group AG’s AGM last week CEO Nick Hayek announced the launch of a new retail shop for the Swatch brand, with a drive-through shop opening up soon next to the company’s Biel headquarters.

Called the ‘Drive-Thru Store’, it will sell Swatch watches packed in burger boxes and brown paper bags, and is the only such concept store planned for the immediate future. For those who happen to be passing through or near Biel, it has an undeniable novelty factor, plus the potential to be a location for special ‘headquarters’ edition pieces if it proves popular.

As well as selling watches, existing Swatch owners will be able to go there to have batteries checked or changed, and have bracelets or straps adjusted and changed, and even get new keepers for their straps.

Opening hours will be Monday to Saturday 1000 – 1800, and the address and contact details are as follows :

Drive Thru Store
Jakob Stämpflistrasse 104
Nicolas G. Hayek Plaza
2500 Biel
Téléphone: +41 32 3212321

Oh and yes, flik flak will also be available.

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