A single-handed 6-hour watch : who else but MeisterSinger?

We love our MeisterSingers, and own a couple, all single-handed models. Of the current range, the Neo is probably my personal favourite, for its slim elegance.

MeisterSinger have now gone one step further down the ‘slow time’ path with the Soprana N°6 (above), created in collaboration with Vincenza jewellers Soprana. The ‘6’ refers to the concept of a six hour display, which apparently harks back to a 18th century clockmaker called Giambattista Rodella, who made single-handed six hour timepieces, an example of which can be seen at the Quirinal Palace, the official residence of the Italian President.

Giovanni Battista Rodella was born in Venice in 1749 and died in Padua on 19 February 1834. He was a self-taught inventor, mechanic, instrument and clockmaker who, after having worked as clockmaker in Castelfranco, was employed as the keeper of the Specola Padua, in 1780. Rodella was a fascinatingly talented man who built precision and room clocks, pocket watches with striking mechanisms, microscopes, telescopes, surgical instruments, hydraulic machines, Pretorian tables, precision pendulum clocks and even the clock on the Tower of Piazza delle Erbe 187 in Verona.

 Presidential Soprana
(photo from MeisterSinger)

MeisterSinger created a special piece unique Soprana N°6 as a gift to the Italian president to celebration the sesquicentenary of Italian unity, but if you want your own conversation-stopping single-handed six hour display watch, their regular production model is selling in Australia for AUD3,500.

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