NEWS: Greubel Forsey to change to plant-based straps

It is interesting to watch the use of plant-based material, which has been used in fashion, shoes, and accessories for awhile (even if still relatively niche) move to watch accessories. Especially as a predominant theme of straps is still about the quality of and type of, leather strap. The cost of replacing leather OEM straps is a topic with a bit of history amongst watch owners.

The latest to join this developing trend is Greubel Forsey, which has announced that it will totally eliminate the use of animal leather in its straps as of 1 January, 2022, when they will be all plant-based materials.

Details remain to be revealed about the nature of and sourcing of the actual material, but the brand promise that they will be durable, water resistant, and appear similar to animal leather. They will also be available, of course, in various colours and with pin buckles or folding clasps.

Watch this space sustainability and related issues gain more momentum in the watch industry, at many price points.

[Photo credit: Greubel Forsey]

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