SIHH 2014 : LIVE PHOTOS Baume et Mercier 1892 Clifton Flying Tourbillon


In October last year we we one of the first to announce Baume et Mercier’s new Clifton Flying Tourbillon, about which you can read more in my 2013 post here.

SIHH 2014 brought, along with a formal launch of this piece and the chance to get some live photos for Horologium readers, a display of modern Baume et Mercier watches alongside their historical counterparts, including the 1892 Clifton Flying Tourbillon.

As mentioned previously, this watch will be limited to thirty pieces and will retail in Australia for AUD 65,000.

Categories: Baume & Mercier, Hands-on, pocket watches, SIHH 2014, Switzerland, Watchmaking

2 replies

  1. it’s a nice watch, but I do not like the dial cut out at 9 o’clock… and would someone pay that much for B&M? yet to be seen. It’ll be a die-hard fan to do so I feel…


  2. it was mentioned elsewhere that the same movement was used by IWC in their Portuguese tourbillon (with just very minor changes to the toubillon bridge) and even the pricing is very similar. movement is meant to be produced by Val Fleurier, essentially Richemont’s ETA…


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