COMPETITION: Swatch Calling – what makes a country tick?

Swatch, the official time partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, is inviting people from the Expo’s 194 participating countries to create an original art work representing their country that will find its way onto their watches.

Under the ‘Swatch X You’ concept/ programme, Swatch will select one work/ artist from each country. As well as converting their works into a special limited edition watch form, the selected creations will also be displayed at Expo 2020 Dubai.

In their promotion, Swatch refer to “Stereotypes, fun facts, historical moments, landmarks, visual elements: how will artists interpret their countries onto a canvas?”. Perhaps the first of these might be given the pass in favour of the brand’s other suggestions, or maybe even something more abstract and conceptual.

The artists of most popular canvas for the period of October 1 – April 30, 2021 will also be invited to a period of artistic residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai. Presumably the time frame for this will be fluid due to the prevailing pandemic travel related limitations.

You can read the terms and conditions here. You may find this one of particular interest :

“Within 30 days from signing the Assignment Letter, the selected Artist will receive CHF 351 (three hundred fifty-one Swiss Francs) as symbolic thank you compensation, provided that the Artist has timely provided full details of a bank account in his/her own name. Any applicable banking fees, currency exchange costs and taxes will be at the Artist’s charge. In addition, and, as soon as practicable after the Artist’s artwork has been made available to customers, Artist will receive seven (7) Swatch wristwatches printed based on their own Artwork, provided that the sending can be done at reasonable costs.”

Entries and queries can be sent/ directed to

The deadline for submission of artwork is midnight CEST, August 8, 2021. All artworks must be fully executed, in format .ai or open PDF, artboard in size 420x420mm – in case of an image, 420x420mm in 600 DPI’s – do not work with RGB co. lor setting.


[Photo credit: Swatch]

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