OCHS UND JUNIOR: Moonphase Trilogy 15th Anniversary Celebration

As part of ochs and junior commemorating 15 years this year, they have released a special ‘trilogy edition’ of their moon phase that will only be available until 31 January, 2022.

Coming in a 39mm sized titanium case (thickness of 11mm) with a water resistance of 100m, the special edition moon phase comes in three variants.

The first ‘black galvanic’ model comes in a titanium grade 5 black PVD-coated case with a black galvanic dial, black galvanized date disc, red date dot, red lacquered moon disc, hammered PT950 platinum full moon, black new moon, hammered 24 kt yellow gold sun, and red markers and hands.

The ‘red lacquered’ model comes in a grade 5 titanium case with a red lacquer-coated dial, black galvanized date disk, gold-coloured date dot, black galvanized moon disc, hammer Pt950 platinum full moon, black new moon, hammered 24 kt yellow gold sun, and black markers and hands.

The final model is called ‘emerald jade’. Also in a Grade 5 titnium case, it features a green lacquered dial, black galvanized date disc, gold-coloured date dot, black galvanized moon disc, black new moon, hammered Pt950 platinum full moon, a piece of jade for the sun, and gold-coloured markers and hands.

For those unfamiliar with how to read the functions, the centre represents earth and at 12 o’clock is a small circle which represents the sun. A full moon is when the moon is opposite the sun and earth at 6 o’clock. A new moon is when the moon is hidden between the sun and the earth at 12 o’clock. The new moon is indicated by a dark circle at 6 o’clock. To see some interactive explanations of this, go to their website here.

The 30+1 holes looping around the dial are the date display, with the 10 minute markers serve as reference points i.e. the 30 minute marker also indicates the 15th day of the month (30÷2=15). You can watch a video of Ludwig Oechslin explaining the date spiral here.

The holes are also used for reading the time, as they are spaced at two minute intervals.

The moon phase function uses a five-part epicyclic gear system designed by Ludwig Oechslin and is accurate to way beyond what you will need to worry about – it will be 3,478.27 years before it is off by one day.

Powering this is a heavily adapted base ETA 2824-2 with 38 hours of power reserve.

Unlike other ochs und junior pieces you cannot customise these, although there is nothing to stop you from purchasing additional straps. As ordered, they come on red or black textile straps with a grade 5 titanium buckle. The special edition moon phase can be purchased individually or as a trilogy.

The price is CHF 7,400 (without taxes)/ CHF 8,000 (including taxes) for one watch and CHF 20,300 (without taxes)/ CHF 22,000 (including taxes). You can order one at this link.

They come with the ochs und junior lifetime warranty on parts invented by Ludwig Oechslin and a two year general warranty on the watch in its entirety.


[Photo credit: ochs und junior]

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