NEW: Franck Muller and Rolls-Royce Geneva collaboration

Unexpected collaborations between watch brands and other products are always of interest. Partnerships between automobiles and timepieces are one of the more popular combinations, but these usually involve commercial production levels.

Franck Muller and Rolls-Royce Geneva have teamed up for watches and a Black Badge Wraith that both use the former’s Crazy Hours™ design. This is being done through Rolls-Royce’s programme that allows authorised partners to customise certain elements of a car’s design for individual customers.

What will be known as the ‘Rolls-Royce Motor Crazy Numbers’ will feature the Crazy Hours™ over-sized and unconventionally-placed hour markers in its interior design and dashboard, including the Starlight Headliner depicting the watch’s dial. The car will have a Velvet Sparkle exterior, with a Twin-Coachline motif in Silver/ Cobalto Blue.

Franck Muller’s patented Crazy Hours™ movement has an hour hand that jumps from each atypically placed hour to the next, whilst the minute hand runs conventionally around the dial. There will be a pair of watches to match the Rolls-Royce Wraith Crazy Numbers. Their dials use the same blue and black colour combinations of the car, with the colours ‘flipped’ for the dial, case, and strap.

The Wraith Crazy Numbers is expected to be completed later this year.


[Photo credit: Franck Muller/ Rolls-Royce]

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  1. That’s just ruined the car…


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