NEWS: Switzerland imposes new COVID-19 measures

It is difficult to keep up with everything happening worldwide at the moment, with a number of countries having declared states of emergency even within the last twenty four hours and more such statements anticipated.

The cancellations of both Watches & Wonders Geneva 2020 and Baselworld 2020, plus Switzerland’s prohibition on gatherings of over 1,000 people, lead to the announcement of Geneva Watch Days.

Now, under the Epidemics Act, the Swiss government has announced further wide ranging measures to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools will be closed until April 4, and the ban on public gatherings of over 1,000 people how now been revised downwards to 100 people and will last until the end of April.

Restaurants, bars, and clubs are now limited to a maximum of fifty people at any given time, and social distancing is being encouraged.

They have also announced CHF 10 billion in emergency aid for the economy, both for immediate assistance and for ongoing help in the form of hardship loans and to support specific sectors.

Border checks with neighbouring countries have been reintroduced. The border with Italy will remain open but be subject to increased restrictions. The single border agreement has been suspended. The Italian border restrictions are largely targeted at reducing the strain on the Swiss hospital system by those who wish to use it. Swiss citizens, holders of a C-resident permit, cross-border workers and those in transit through Switzerland are still permitted to enter.

For those intending to travel to Switzerland (or indeed undertake any international travel at present), you will need to check your country’s current travel restrictions. For example Austria has reintroduced border controls with Switzerland and banned flights, effective next week.

The official Swiss COVID-19 information can be found at this link and this week’s press conference, seen below.

For those who wish to follow COVID-19 in data, this site may be of interest.

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