INDUSTRY NEWS: Ulysse Nardin introduces blockchain

We have reported some examples of the appearance of blockchain in the watch industry, and the latest is Ulysse Nardin, which now offers a blockchain-secured warranty certificate to keep track of not just the purchase but all servicing, and transfer of title.

For each purchase of a new Ulysse Nardin watch from an official authorised dealer, a blockchain warranty certificate is generated and signed by UN, then either emailed to the owners or sent to their UN account. A physical guarantee card will continue to exist, with a ‘bubble tag’ through which the client can extend the watch warranty to 5 years and thus directly generate their online blockchain warranty certificate.

How it works is as follows – upon purchasing a Ulysse Nardin watch, the customer registers it on the brand’s website using the physical card. This generates a digital certificate in a PDF format with the watch’s details. The signature of this warranty document is anchored in the blockchain.

Verifying the validity of Ulysse Nardin warranty certificates will be possible using an explorer, or a checker using the same open source standard. Another option is a checker widget hosted on the Ulysse Nardin’s website.

This new blockchain programme is being done in conjunction with start-up company Woleet and is available through the entire Ulysse Nardin range.


[Photo credit : Ulysse Nardin]

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