TAG HEUER : ‘Heuer Globetrotter’ exhibition

Last Friday TAG Heuer launched ten exhibitions worldwide under the ‘Heuer Globetrotter’ banner, bringing together important historical pieces from their museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds and from collectors local to each participating locale. All up, there are four hundred watches, timepieces and time keepers, on display.

Each of the ten exhibiting cities has a different theme. Unfortunately, unless you’re up for a lot of travelling or just happen to be visiting all of these cities within the next two weeks, you won’t be able to see them all, but for those of you who are in or plan to be in, Geneva, Paris, Sydney, Munich, Venice, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Miami (their exhibition dates a little delayed for obvious reasons), this is what you can look forward to :


Well it is Geneva, after all, so with a 1916 Heuer Mikrograph as the centrepiece, their theme is ‘Major Inventions’, featuring some of Heuer’s most notable innovations and complications.


Paris’ theme is ‘Classic Heuers’, and to this end, their key timepiece is a vintage Heuer Monaco worn by Steve McQueen. The Parisian exhibition highlights classic Carreras, Autavias and Monacos.


Munich’s theme is that of military watches, with a vintage Heuer Bundeswehr, still one of the most collectible vintage Heuers, as the watch of note.


A Heuer Autavia dashboard clock takes pride of place in the Venetian exhibition, and the theme is automative-related timepieces.


Water, or more specifically the sea, is Dubai’s theme, with a 1950 Heuer Maréograph, or Seafarer, as their exhibition highlight. It was the world’s first chronograph with tide indicators.


Some of you have attended the F1 in Singapore this past weekend, so it should be no surprise that this provides the thematic backdrop for the Singaporean exhibition. The key exhibit here is an 18k gold Heuer Carrera from 1970, which Jack Heuer presented to each Ferrari driver.

Hong Kong

The automotive theme continues through to Hong Kong, with their centerpiece a 1965 Heuer Carrera Indianapolis.


In a country known for the importance it places on design, the Tokyo exhibition theme is ‘Design through History’ and its core piece, a 1911 Heuer ‘Time of Trip’ dashboard chronograph, but also featuring a 1930s Monza chronograph and some F1 pieces.


A city also known for being a bit of an art and design hub, Miami’s theme is that of Heuer case designs. Their exhibition’s key watch is a 1970s Camaro.


Finally, Sydney, with our theme being timepieces devoted to sports and timing. The centrepiece here is the very cool 1957 Heuer Ring Master, a chronograph whose bezel can be changed to time different sports.

I attended the opening as a guest of Bani McSpedden, to whom I extend my thanks. Australia’s exhibition was launched by their General Manager for Australia, Pierre Blouin, and Dave Chalmers (aka Calibre11).

Without further ado or embellishment, here are the pieces from Sydney.

The Heuer Globetrotter exhibition is on until September 30, 2017 in all participating cities, so if you happen to be in any of those places during this period, get yourself over to the relevant TAG boutique. In Sydney it is of course the one on Pitt St. Mall. There were fifty-six pieces at the launch event, but twenty-six for the full exhibition. It is well worth a visit.

For more information, click on this link to TAG’s own page about the exhibitions.

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