NEW : Nomos neomatik 1st Edition


Nomos Glashütte have announced the introduction of a new series of watches called the ‘neomatik 1st Edition’, all containing the in-house automatic Nomos Calibre DUW 3001 which made its inaugural appearance at Baselworld 2015 in the Minimatik and the 2015 Tangente Automatik.

Three years in development, the DUW 3001 is just 3.2mm thick whose design was based on their desire for as flat/ thin a movement as they could manage – almost all the parts in DUW 3001 are inserted between the base plate and the three-quarter plate.


With a power reserve of forty-two hours, the DUW 3001 has a Glashütte three-quarter plate, Nomos balance bridge, 27 jewels, bi-directional winding motor, Incabloc shock protection, 21,600VPH, tempered blue screws, rhodium-plated surfaces with Glashütte ribbing, and Nomos perlage.

These new watches are based on five existing Nomos families – Tangent, Orion, Ludwig, Metro and Minimatik, but what it does is to release them in both the traditional white silvered Nomos dial with cyan blue, and a new champagne dial with neon orange. These ten new neomatiks ven come complete with their own website.


All the new neomatik 1st Edition models have a 30m water resistance. Straps vary between naturally tanned or a rembordé strap made from Horween Shell Cordovan. The latter strap is for the white silver-plated dials, the former for the champagne dials. For rembordé straps, the upper leather is turned around breathable, natural cotton fleece and glued. The folded upper leather is glued to the lining leather so that no bacteria can enter, before it is all stitched together.

Although not limited in number, these Nomos neomatiks will be limited production pieces for 2015 only, with a new collection to be presented at Baselworld 2016, so get in quickly if you are interested.


Basic specs of the new models are below plus price in Euros, although these may differ slightly if you have, as Australia does, a local authorised dealer. They are also available online via Nomos directly at this link.

Ludwig neomatik
Stainless steel tripartite case. Diameter 36mm. Height 6.95 mm.
Ludwig neomatik white dial: 2,520 EUR
Ludwig neomatik champagne dial: 2,600 EUR

Metro neomatik
Stainless steel bipartite case. Diameter 35mm. Height 8.06 mm.
Metro neomatik white dial: 2,770 EUR
Metro neomatik champagne dial: 2,850 EUR

Minimatik neomatik
Stainless steel tripartite case. Diameter 35.5mm. Height 8.86 mm.
Minimatik neomatik white dial: 2,770 EUR
Minimatik neomatik Champagne dial: 2,850 EUR

Orion neomatik
Stainless steel tripartite case. Diameter 35mm. Height 8.45 mm.
Orion neomatik white dial: 2,680 EUR
Orion neomatik champagne dial: 2,760 EUR

Tangente neomatik
Stainless steel bipartite case. Diameter 35 mm. Height 6.9 mm.
Tangente neomatik white dial: 2,580 EUR
Tangente neomatik Champagne dial: 2,660 EUR



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