PHOTOS : Girard-Perregaux 1966 Collection Enamel Dial LE


Some of us are browsers.

We enter a boutique, start at the entrance, and let our eyes glance over all (or almost all) of the watches.

Our step falters. We linger here and there when something piques our interest, when we see something that was not there when we last visited.

Others are more focused, heading directly to a favourite brand, or choosing only a few types of watches or brands at which to stop and ponder.

I am, mostly, a subset of this latter ‘type’. If I am on a mission then I am focused on that.

With this in mind, I had popped into The Hour Glass in Sydney for two reasons, one of which was to ask about the new Tudor Black Bay which had just been announced the previous day. Striding to my destination towards the upper/ end of the boutique, something grabbed the attention of my peripheral vision.

I stopped.

Perhaps one day soon Australia, or even the Southern Hemisphere, will be considered just as important as other countries/ continents when it comes to depictions on dials but in the meantime, I have a tendency towards being intrigued and interested if Australia appears, as it does here, so I simply had to take a few photos. It may not the focus of this limited edition enamel dialled piece from Girard-Perregaux, but it is very much there in its enamelled glory.


Enamelling, a complex process involving multiple ‘firings’ of a dial in a kiln, is rendered more difficult with each additional colour. Each new colour or shade means another trip to the kiln. There are a number of types of enamelled dials such as cloisonné, plique-à-jour, and champlevé. In this watch, the dual arts of miniature work and cloisonné come together.

For those who are not familiar with cloisonné – the enameler ‘draws’ the outline of the illustration by shaping fine gold wire into the required design. The enamel is then gently applied into the cavities, after which the firing process takes place. Over and over again, with the cooling of the dial in-between.

The Girard-Perregaux 1966 Limited Editions with Enamel Dials are limited to 50 pieces per model, of which this is one. Inside this piece is the automatic Calibre GP03300 with a power reserve of forty-six hours.


Sure, Girard-Perregaux’s dial shows much more than Australia in its 40mm rose gold 1966 case but I’m in Sydney, I saw this in Sydney, and it occurred to me that this would be the perfect horological memento of a trip to Australia for all you travelling watch lovers. Why get something that you can also get at home when you can get something more special in its limitation whose vibrant decoration will charmingly remind you of this trip when you wear it? Then again, this is may also appeal to anyone whose home country is here, including fellow Australians.

Bonus – this is number 18/50.

RRP is 52,760 and it’s at The Hour Glass, Sydney.

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