PRE-BASELWORLD 2015 : Omega White Side of the Moon


Two years ago the Omega Speedmaster went to the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ and last year, it went grey.

As most guessed based on the teasers that have gone out over the last few days, Omega have a new variant for Baselworld 2015, the ‘White Side of the Moon’. It is to quote Omega, “inspired by the radiance of the Moon as seen from Earth” and has a white ceramic case. Perhaps it can be seen as The Dark Side x Alaska Project.

More details as they come but in the meantime, here is the launch video.

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6 replies

  1. What next – the red side of Mars? The pale-aquamarine-faintly-tinged-with-pale-cerise-as-enhanced-by-the-Hubble-telescope side of Venus? C’mon, Omega – leave that stuff to you-know-who!



  2. M-E-H Meh. suppose “paper moon” cheapens it?


  3. I am a fan of interesting design and cool materials, but oh my….not a fan of that at all!


  4. This would match my White pants…I wants it. Maybe the price would tank and it’ll be chip chip 😉


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