BASELWORLD 2015 : Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time


Well sometimes the word ‘novelties’ so beloved of the watch world actually does apply, and the new Patek Pilots’ watch certainly falls into the ‘unexpected’ category. It adds a sports watch to the Calatrava collection, and is a markedly different watch to any other Patek.

The new Reference 5524 comes in a 42mm white gold case and contains the automatic Calibre 324 SC with a forty-five hour power reserve. Water resistance is 30m.

The dial is pure old-school military-styled pilot’s watch, with a deep blue colour (although it looks black in the press photos) and Arabic numerals, but with the addition of a two time zone complication with day/ night indicators, and a date sub dial at the bottom.

So how do you tell the two time zones? Your home time is the skeleton hand and the sword-shaped hand is your travel time.

Where does the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time stand in terms of Patek’s other watches? The first thought that came to my mind was that it may be aimed at a younger buyer who wants to own a Patek (as opposed to waiting to be ‘the next generation’) but who is looking for something informal and sporty in appearance. The second thought that crossed my mind was that it kind of came out of nowhere and is not unattractive, but may be because it does remind me a tad of the Type 20.

Price is CHF 42,000.

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4 replies

  1. Cats. Pigeons. Vigorously thrown.



  2. They have lost the plot…


  3. Looks like a U Boat to me…..dislike.


  4. well, they’ve kept the patek pricing. that’s something. if it was in steel and priced around $15k then I’d be horrified.


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