Marking time

We imbue objects with meanings that exceed those of their original intent, we often see in them something that perhaps only we can see and is important only to us. If fortunate, we find others who also find similar significance in these objects, and who will speak a similar language of meaning.

Today’s post is the sharing of a link to an article from The New York Times that relates to a specific event and a specific watch but which deals with broader ideas about how how we note time, how a wristwatch can be a marker for more than one significant event, and which talks about a watch whose original meaning to its original owner has now taken a back seat as it has become almost a secular relic, its symbolism far more powerful now that it is damaged and will no longer be worn by the man who wore it.

Click here to read “A moment in time captured in pieces”.

Categories: Ephemera, Rolex, watches

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  1. powerful reminder of how cruel humans can be. Why this watch was picked, but one thing that we can all learn, hopefully, is to be tolerant and to live in peace. There is no “time” to for intolerance, cruelty and atrocities.


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