PAM 525, PAM 524, PAM 515

PAM 525, PAM 524, PAM 515

Panerai’s booth at SIHH 2013 was all about the Submersible, with three new models, and topped off by a dark ‘underwater’ display highlighting this. As for the rest, for me of particular note are the addition of a second Bronzo (PAM 507) in a limited edition of 1,000 (Price EUR9,000) following on from the 2011 Bronzo, which was a rip roaring success for OP, and a pocket watch, of which I had seen a cryptic photo at SIHH 2012 but which had not reared its head beyond that single unexpected photo. Of course, as well as these there were other models, including a few flyback chromos with the new in-house chronograph caibre P.9100.

Perhaps it is best to get to the second new Bronzo (PAM 507 Luminor Subermsible 1950 3 Days Power Reserve) first, as Officine Panerai’s original Bronzo (PAM 382) was a highly sought after item, with owners actively comparing the development of their respective patinas, so the question remains as to whether those who did not get the original Bronzo will be wanting this one, whose point of difference is the power reserve. Was the desirability of the first largely to do with the metal alone? Is the ‘first’ always going to end up the one to get? Well as a general rule one would probably say yes, but whether or not this follow-up model is popular may be affected by the whether those who wanted, but couldn’t get, the original Bronzo, are still enamoured enough of the metal to pull the purchasing trigger.

This new Bronzo’s general specs are : 47mm brushed bronze case, automatic Cal. P.9002 (three day power reserve), green dial, lume. A LE of 1,000 with a price of EURO 9,600.

The next Submersible I will mention is the PAM 364 2500m Luminor 3 Days automatic Titanio. It is a 47mm brushed titanium case, has a polished titanium helium valve and contains the P.9000 calibre. The 2500m refers, of course, to water resistance. This model had been announced awhile before SIHH 2013. It’s in a LE of 500 and priced at EUR 8,900.

PAM 364

Because the final of the three new Subs is ceramic, I will mention it alongside the pocket watch, which is also ceramic. The PAM 508 ceramic Sub is again in a 47mm case and a limited edition of 1,000. The crown protection device is ceramic and the caseback, titanium with black coating. The ceramic itself is sandblasted, to give it a matte finish. It has a hardness of 1200HV, about five times that of stainless steel. As well as the case/ bezel, the crown protection device is also ceramic. There is, of course, Superluminova on the hour markers. The caseback is titanium with a black coating. Hard, light weight, its price is EUR 12,900.

PAM 508

I recently heard someone comment that nowadays, every brand will at some point, create a pocket watch. Well in Panerai’s case, the ceramic PAM 446 tourbillon skeleton is it. As I mentioned at the outset, I’d seen a single slightly cryptic photo of this during the 2011 SIHH, but not been able to ascertain any further information. Well it certainly surprised a lot of people during my session at SIHH. It’s huge (59mm) Radiomir shaped case with a skeletonised crown protection device (also ceramic) is eye catching, and people were drawn to it immediately.

PAM 446

The pocket watch can of course be detached from the chain, which itself is ceramic with titanium U-joints. Inside this is the P.2005, there is a power reserve indicator on the back (6 days). If you are so inclined, it will be in a LE of 50 with a price of a cool EUR 165,000, launch date October 2013.

As well as the Subs, I mentioned a new in-house chrono movement, the P.9100. It is automatic, flyback, and comes in a P.9100-R version with a regatta countdown for the yachting types. The calibre is a three day power reserve and used for the 1950 Luminor case. It was announced along with three models (see above):
1. PAM 524 – to be launched in September 2013 at EUR 9,500 in a LE of 2,500, this SS three day chrono flyback has a blued seconds hand, rhodiumed hands.
2. PAM 525 – ‘Orro Ross’ : a RG version of the above, it will be in a LE of 500 at a price of EUR 25,000.
3. PAM 526 – the 1950 Regatta 3 Day Flyback Titanio. In its 47mm case it will be in a LE of 700 pieces, launched in July 2013, with a price of EUR 13,900. The orange pusher at 4 o’clock is to set the regatta countdown.

PAM 514

We cannot forget the Radiomir 1940 case, inspired by a historical case design but thinner and lighter. In four references (two in a 47mm case in SS and RG with dates, two in a smaller 42mm case), the two larger ones are the PAM 514 (LE of 2,000) at EUR 6,400 and PAM 515 (LE 500) at EUR 19,900 respectively for the two metals and the 42mm sized ones in a LE of 1,500 at EUR 5,900 for the SS version (PAM 512) and EUR 16,500 for the RG (PAM 513) LE of 500 respectively.

PAM 525

Going back to the flyback theme is the 47mm Luminor 1950 Rattrapante 8 Days Titanio (PAM 530) flyback chronograph with the in-house, manual wind calibre P. 2006/3, similar to the LE PAM 527 Luminor 1950 Rattrapante 8 Days created for the Transat Classique Regatta.

Perhaps there is not the ‘wow’ factor that many Paneristi wanted in Panerai’s SIHH 2013 offerings, but for my money, the PAM 512 and PAM 514 are very competitively priced, good looking, and will probably sell like hotcakes.

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  1. That 1940 case is just AWESOME!


  2. Envious of your visit to SIHH! Less envious of the pain in the travels from SYD to Geneva and the snow storms. I have a 508 on order with the boutique.


  3. 2500 metres. Not bad for a serial production watch. Can you reel off too many others at that level or beyond (for all the times we might dive to 2.5 Km below sea level!!!)?



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