SIHH 2013: IWC Race Night


As was evidenced from their SIHH booth, IWC’s theme was, alongside the launch of its new Ingenieur watches, the celebration of their new three year partnership with the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team. IWC know how to throw a big party, and throw it they did, with some 800 people, including yours truly, attending the ‘Race Night’ launch of this partnership by IWC CEO Georges Kern.

Hosted by Kevin Spacey, the dinner component of the evening included a variety of IWC brand ambassadors and friends in attendance, some of whom made an on-stage appearance, and including a much anticipated (ear plugs provided for each guest – I was tempted to not use them, but decided not to risk my ear drums in the end) ‘drive-through’ by Nico Rosberg in his car into the dining area, plus a ‘pit stop tyre change’ session.

Three actual  (as in operational) Mercedes AMG PETRONAS race trucks were near the red carpet area. The first ‘holding area’ for guests, for cocktails, had replicas of F1 racing cars, the new IWC watches, racing paraphernalia, and even remote-controlled model cars for guests to play with whilst waiting for the VIP guests to arrive.

Without further ado, here is a glimpse of the first (cocktails) part of the evening.
















Unfortunately, there was a no-photo policy once the gala dinner part of the evening started (and which ended with a Jamiroquai concert by Jay Kay), so I shall leave with you some parting photos of where we dined, and some photos of a beautiful deep blue dialled IWC worn by a guest next to me during the evening…




The small black tubes you can see at each table setting contain the ear plugs I mentioned previously.


Courtesy of two collectors at Race Night…



Many thanks to IWC and especially Edwin De Vries (IWC Brand Manager – Australia & NZ) and the IWC social media team at my Race Night table for a memorable evening.

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  1. As a massive Formula1 fan as well as a massive watchnerd, this is a partnership in y taste. I really liked IWC before, but I think that I may like them a bit more now. Thanks for a great post as well as the great pics.


    • It’s good to have the thoughts of someone who is both a F1 and watch fan about this partnership. I was actually thinking of you and one or two of my F1 addict friends when I took these photos! 🙂


      • I´m most certain that Liam over at “Marcus” will back me up when I say that IWC did this “right”, so many brands has goofed up in partnerships (no I wont go in on names here LOL), but IWC went the full distance and did it PROPERLY. My wish is to read MANY MORE posts like this one. Oh need I say that the piece that you´re fondling in the parting shots is AWESOME. MASSIVE thanks for yet another GREAT post from Oz. 🙂


      • I may have seen a twitter discussion about this topic 🙂 Yes that last piece – pure dumb luck that I was sitting next to a collector who had just picked it up!


  2. oh oh oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo envious! want to go! and the Lewis Hamilton Helmont! and the RC cars!!!! wayyyyyyyyyyy cool!

    I really hope Hamilton can bring some magic and wins to Mercedes Benz this year! and yes, love that IWC… 🙂


  3. I’d really like to see if IWC also signed up Lewis(or if Tag will continue to use him as an ambassador.) All the IWC events/mags have only used Nico so far. I guess these were all in place before Lewis jumped ship… wonder what the budget was to through that kind of a party…

    @initialj- that was nico’s helmet. although Lewis’s is also yellow…


  4. Oh…and that ingenieur chrono’s got my name all over it…


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