VIDEO : How a watch is made – three perspectives

Today’s post is the first in Horologium’s new series in which we will share interesting ‘time’ related videos that we come across. They may be newly released short films/ clips or old ones, but they will hopefully be ones that you find interesting. As this is the inaugural post I thought I’d start off with not one, but three short videos.

On the U.S. cable station Science Channel, they have a popular show called “How It’s Made”. Watchmaking has been covered in at least four episodes that I can find, but it is these following three segments that are of particular note. They show watchmaking processes at TAG Heuer, Panerai, and Blancpain. They are all quite different, as you can guess, but regardless of whether you are new to watches or a long time collector or enthusiast, I hope you enjoy them.

The first video is from TAG, and there are a couple of models shown in this short film.

This second video first aired on 24 June 2011 and shows the step-by-step process of producing a Panerai PAM 328 Luminor 1950 3 Days Automatic.

The final video is from episode 342 and was first broadcast on 23 February 2011. It is a whole different level of watchmaking skill – a Blancpain tourbillon, though more than one tourbillon is featured, and there is a bonus minute repeater for you.

So, were they as expected?

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  1. Hi AP, nice new series.
    So…I buy a brand new Tag and it’s already been out playing golf and tennis and has been smashed into a wall? That’s nice.
    Also I just love these kind of video’s, which show lots of automatic processes; they make me appreciate the work of e.g. Daniels, Smith, Dufour, Voutilainen, Asaoka and others so much more.


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