The Thalassa – no longer just blue

Some of you may have seen one or two photos from Baselworld of an unexpected iteration of Peter Speake-Marin’s striking blue Marin 2 Thalassa, which contains the manual winding in-house calibre SM2.

Perhaps like me, you initially thought that one of them wasn’t brown, but that it was just an odd effect of lighting on the blue colour.

It turns out that in fact there are three new colours.The black and brown were at the request of Peter’s clients, the white was an experiment with a new treatment which has been developed.


I find the more muted tones of these new colours very attractive, but what has surprised me the most is that of all these new versions, the white is the one I am most drawn to. Surprising not just because I am not instinctively drawn to white watches but also because I am, ultimately, deeply practical about my watches, and white tends to worry me in terms of maintenance.

The white really works. It just lifts this watch into almost being a different watch, and with the contrast stitching, gives it an almost sporty elegance, which makes it very flexible, usage wise. I can see this watch working with jeans just as easily as I can see it worn with a more formal look.

Peter still has a few left of some of these new colours, so if you’re interested, contact him at his website, but get in quick.

(Photos provided by Peter Speake-Marin)

Categories: Independent brands, Speake Marin, watches

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