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The vodka inspired Fortis Frisson

In 2008, German artist and designer Rolf Sachs designed the limited edition ‘IQ’watch for Fortis. This year, he has again collaborated with Fortis for another limited edition, this time to celebrate the brand’s 100th birthday. Rolf Sachs IQ Sachs’ inspiration… Read More ›

A rare unissued Waltham WW2 watch

Watches labelled as ‘NOS’ (new old stock) are oft prized. For watches, as it is for books or many other collectables, the idea of something that has been untouched, especially vintage watches, is tantalising. The words ‘new unissued in box’ were enough to draw me into the unknown world of vintage military watches. The lure of an untouched 1945 watch was too great.