NEW: Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht Rose Gold

A couple of years ago we went hands-on with the limited edition Pt-cased Marine Mega Yacht from Ulysse Nardin, a tidal indication timepiece that was a follow-up of the Marine Grand Deck Tourbillon of 2016. It featured a propeller-decorated one-minute tourbillon, linked moon phase and tide indicators, and an anchor-themed power reserve indicator.

Even with a price of USD 310,000 I guess the thirty pieces sold out, because Ulysse Nardin have launched an 18kt rose gold Marine Mega Yacht, also in a limitation of thirty pieces.

The 44m case has a water resistance of 50m, so it’s more for being on your superyacht rather than alongside it. It is a big watch for those with the confidence to pull it off.

This new piece also has a 3D Grand Feu enamel dial, on top of 18kt gold. The moon at 9 o’clock has a 3D photo-realistic representation of the moon’s surface, with one half of the sphere treated in blue PVD for the period of the new moon and the other rhodium-coated for the full moon. Connected to the moon phase function is a tide indicator at an aperture at 8 o’clock which displays the height of the tides as well as indicating the seasonal coefficients as they relate to the place the wearer selects.

Powering it the manually-wound UN Calibre 631, beating at 21,600 VPH and with a power reserve of 80 hours. As mentioned originally, the aesthetics of the movement were designed with a nautical theme. To see what the movement will look like, you can reference the photograph I took of the Pt model.

The watch’s manual-winding and power reserve are a patent-pending pulley-and-design system simulating the raising and dropping of the anchor, moving when the crown is wound. The power reserve (80 hours), as indicated by the anchor, is linked to a chain by an anchor ring. The chain is linked to a miniature windlass winch built into the movement and visible in a large aperture at 12 o’clock. Connected by wheels to the winding mechanism, it raises the anchor from a horological mooring dock numbered from 0 to 8 on a horizontal scale as the watch is wound, and the anchor lowers as the mainspring runs down.

So how do you set the tide functions?

When setting functions, a window on the side of the case shows the position of the crown – ‘S’ is for time, ‘W’ for winding, and ‘T/M’ for when you wish to set the tide and moon phase. It is designed to reference an Engine Order Telegraph, which is how orders about changes in speed or direction are telegraphed from the bridge to the engine control room. The moon phase and tide volume are set by turning the crown counter-clockwise (one turn of the crown is four days), whereas clockwise winding sets the level of the tide depending on location (one turn of the crown represents a 0.25 turn of the disc, equivalent to 9.5 hours).

Coming on a navy blue alligator leather strap with an 18kt rose gold buckle, the RRP of the new rose gold Mega Yacht is a slither less than the platinum one – USD 306,000.

[Photo credit: Ulysse Nardin]

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