With COVID-19 still in full flight worldwide and international travel heavily curtained for an indefinite period, the organisers of the inaugural HOURUNIVERSE have optimistically announced that they still plan an ‘in person’ show in Basel during the summer of 2021. In light of the current public health concerns and restrictions, it is to be an event that encompasses both indoor and outdoor activities.

As the organisers put it – “Devised as a grand festival of networking and experiences, the first edition will firmly focus on the spirit of conviviality.” Although it is still positioned as a media and business-related event, the shift continues into encouraging broader interest and participation by customers. Its physical manifestation will expand into areas such as an outdoor square and public entertainment areas, blending into the city of Basel.

Managing Director Michel Loris-Melikoff states: “Our ongoing discussions with industry stakeholders have clearly demonstrated that the demand from the wider community for a large annual gathering in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, is now stronger than ever. We are working to make HourUniverse not only the best business platform, but also a superb experience for our visitors. The pleasure of all being together, seeing clients and the press again, discovering andcreating new opportunities, facilitating transparency, openness and conviviality are at the heart of our endeavours.”

The announcement does include a note that the organisers acknowledge that although they are working towards this, changes may need to be made if the circumstances and conditions require them.

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