NEW: Hublot Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami All Black

With the launch of a new Hublot collaboration to add to his diverse portfolio, fans of Takashi Murakami’s flower have another item to add to their list of possible acquisitions.

Sometimes called the Warhol of Japan, the artist has embraced the opportunities afforded to contemporary artists in the 21st century and become extremely successful. Both Hublot and Murakami are known for their collaborations and their fondness for colour, so in many respects this could be seen as a natural fit.

However, it seems that even Murakami likes a bit of a break from vivid hues, so to use the popular ‘All Black’ part of the Hublot aesthetic as a base also fits neatly within the watch brand’s collections as well as the ‘Hublot loves art’ idea.

The new Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami All Black is a limited edition of 200 pieces in a 45mm satin-finished and polished black ceramic case (water resistance 50m) with a black rubber strap that has a black-plated stainless steel deployant clasp. The black ceramic bezel has 6 H-shaped titanium screws.

The key to this new piece is obviously the dial, which is black, lacquered, and has a black flower with twelve rotating petals set with 456 black diamonds. Although the dial is the focus, movements are important to note as well. Inside is the automatic in-house UNICO HUB1214, with a power reserve of 72 hours.

Taking photos of watches and food for social media is a part of watch ownership for many nowadays, so if you are so minded, you could do one of this new LE and either your homemade pancakes using the newly announced Murakami flower pancake pan, or alongside the flower-bedecked takeaway afternoon tea box from the Tokyo Grand Hyatt. You can even have your box in the Murakami room at the Grand Hyatt and partake of the hotel’s ‘Flower Parent and Child Nail Art’ offer, which would add colour to your wristshot.

Takashi Murakami is known for ‘superflat’, an art movement both about a particular ‘flat’ visual style and about the “emptiness of Japanese consumer culture”. Although his flower-themed café in Tokyo has now closed, with the new tea box your stomach won’t go empty.

The watch will set you back AUD 38,000. The pancake pan comes as a bonus with the April issue of smart magazine (which you can pre-order on Rakuten Books), the afternoon tea is ¥19,800, and there is a starting price of ¥22,000 for the nail art. Like the watch, the pancake pan is also black. The other items are not.


[Photo credit: Hublot]

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