INDUSTRY NEWS: Baselworld 2020 exhibitor arrangements

For those who have been keeping track of the now cancelled Baselworld 2020, there has been a further update relating to those who had planned to exhibit at this year’s fair.

In a press release, the Baselworld organising team acknowledge that a significant proportion of expenditure had already been outlaid and in fact for some, booth setting up about to commence, when COVID-19 took over proceedings.

In light of the circumstances which have been beyond anyone’s control, Baselworld have given exhibitors an offer to carry forward 85% of the fees for Baselworld 2020 to Baselworld 2021 (the remaining 15% will serve to partially offset out-of-pocket costs already accrued). If needed, exhibitors can alternatively request a cash refund which will be of up to 30% of the fees, with 40% carried forward to Baselworld 2021.

In a statement, Managing Director Michel Loris-Melikoff said : “We are all in this together and that is why we are committed to supporting our exhibitors as best we can in these turbulent times. We are offering unprecedented conditions, which go far beyond contractual obligations (general terms and conditions) and are much more generous than the vast majority of similar European shows that had to be cancelled or postponed. It seemed essential to make these significant financial efforts. I wish for all of us a return to business as soon as possible.”

Further to this, Baselworld has also been in communication with the the Basel Hotel Association and urged them to take nusual situation into account with regards to their now cancelled bookings.

The dates for the next Baselworld are January 28 to February 2, 2021, with Press Day on January 27.


[Photo credit : Baselworld]

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