Young girl offers to substitute for Big Ben

You may recall reading earlier this year that the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) will be, starting in early 2017, renovated over the course of three years. During this period not only will the tower and clock be covered with scaffolding, but that the clock itself will have to be stopped for a few months.

Yes, no chimes and no striking of the bells.

A 29 million pound project, in addition to the work to be done on the Tower itself such as enhancing energy efficiency, adding a lift and other OH&S issues for staff, the clock itself will have work done on the hands, mechanism and pendulum.

Enter 8 year old Phoebe Hanson, who wrote a letter to BBC Radio 4’s PM show to offer her services. PM Editor Roger Sawyer’s reply to Phoebe has gone viral on Twitter, and this is why.



To learn about the renovation on the Tower and Clock, click here. It would be rather splendid if Radio 4 let Phoebe do pre-recorded BONGs.

For Channel 4’s story on Phoebe and a sample of her Big Ben sounds, click on this link.

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  1. Rather disappointed that the BBC Radio 4 didn’t take up Phoebe’s offer. It was very generous.


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