URWERK : UR-106 Black Pink Lotus


You may recall last year’s release of the Urwerk UR-106 Lotus, which came in black and white versions. The first overtly female-oriented Urwerk timepiece (bearing in mind women have been buying the unisex Urwerk pieces prior to this), at 35mm in diametre, 49.4mm from top to bottom and 14.45mm in height, it proved popular, not least of all because of its dimensions. Having tried it, I can say that it is a good size for many wrists of every gender and sits incredibly comfortably.

The launch of the Lotus was accompanied by Urwerk celebrating and telling the stories of some of the women who have been a part of the brand since its inception, which was a really personal and lovely touch.

Following on from these first two models there was a special no-gemstones version created for the Only Watch auction (my favourite variant). Today, we bring you the latest pink iteration, limited to eleven pieces.

Firstly, a quick recap of the main features of the Lotus.


It features a revised version of the satellite hours that first appeared in the U4-103 but which have become one of their hallmarks. Three satellites, each with hand-painted hour numerals, sweep along a very fine minutes scale in an analogue and digital indication of time. There is also the presence of a moon in a sky of lapis lazuli. Inside is an automatic Cal UR 6.01 movement with a Zenith Elite as its base, the same movement that featured in the UR-105.

The dial has a sanded and brushed baseplate, the carrousel and hour satellites are hand sanded and hand brushed. The plate covering the hour carrousel is made of ARCAP, an alloy with high tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

The case of this new version is again black PVD-coated stainless steel with a titanium crown, set with black diamonds, and with a titanium case back.


If there’s one thing you can say about the use of such a bold pink it’s that it ensures legibility. The hours and minutes are also covered in SuperLumiNova.

For those who are wondering about the use of pink Urwerk does have a track record of using bold colours such as orange and lemon, so if you look at this new piece within this context, the use of hot pink is in keeping with this spirit. The Urwerk woman is not afraid of wearing a watch that stands out, and for those who missed out on last year’s black and white models, here’s your chance.

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