NEW : MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual


With all things being equal we will hopefully be able to bring you live photos of the just-announced Legacy Machine Perpetual from MB&F in the nearish future but in the meantime, some quick facts on today’s announcement.

The latest Legacy Machine is, as the name indicates, a perpetual calendar, with a new movement by watchmaker Stephen McDonnell (a name that crossed my path within the last week, but more on that later) that is fully visible in its open-worked glory, and which has a patent pending ‘mechanical processor’. The now distinctively MB&F Legacy Machine (14mm) balance wheel flies over the movement. From the time at 12 o’clock we have the day of the week at 3 o’clock, power reserve indicator between 4 and 5 o’clock, month at 6 o’clock, retrograde leap year indicator between 7 and 8 o’clock, and the date at 9 o’clock.


A classic grande complication, this perpetual calendar basically consists of a new 581-part movement has been designed to essentially be foolproof in terms of date adjustments via the unconventional pushers which automatically deactivate when the calendar changes, to avoid accidents. Whereas the standard perpetual calendar is designed for 31-day months, as McDonnell states in the video below, his design skips past the extra days via a date lever.


Now for Stephen McDonnell. Hailing from Ireland, he moved to Switzerland in January 2001 to study at WOSTEP, where he eventually rose to the position of Senior Instructor before leaving in 2007, the same year when he helped MB&F finish their HM1 movement. It wasn’t until a few years after this that the genesis of the LM Perpetual bore fruit. I read McConnell’s name recently because he is now with Bremont’s technical team, whom he joined earlier this year. His prior work with MB&F, Christophe Claret, Maîtres du Temps and Peter Speake-Marin are mentioned in this announcement.

In a 44mm sized case of 17.5mm height, the Legacy Machine Perpetual will be in a limited edition of 25 pieces in 18K 5N+ red gold (138,000 CHF) and 25 pieces in platinum 950 (168,000 CHF) in the first instance.

Live photos to follow when it makes its way to Australia.

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