NEW : Montblanc 1858 Collection Pilots’ Watch


[NOTE – You may find that this post sounds familiar. Unfortunately I did not know at the time of its original posting that there was a worldwide embargo on the new collection of which these form a part until its launch at SIAR in Mexico on October 20, 2015 so when I found out, I took it down. Said embargo has now been lifted.

For those in Sydney, the models in this post are available at the Montblanc King St boutique. Prices for Australia are $4,500 for the model on the brown leather strap and $4,970 for the Milanese model.]


A quick interstitial type of post of an unexpected thing that happened on my final day (the day after Watches & Wonders 2015) in Hong Kong.

Although purportedly slated for a Mexico release and not on display in Montblanc’s booth at the fair, the new Montblanc 1858 Collection pilots’ watches (aka the 1858 Collection Small Seconds, of which there are limited and production models) which had already been seen by some turned out to be already available, in Hong Kong and Paris boutiques. Perhaps others in other countries as well?


It was with some surprise that I saw them in the Pacific Place boutique’s window when I happened to be passing by (followed up by a second trip to their Time Square boutique, which also had them on display in the front window), so I popped in and snapped a few quick phone photos (apols for their quality) to share with you.



With the old-style logo on the dial to reflect the vintage pilot look of the design, which features the classic hands (now white lumed in these pieces) and large clear numerals associated with such watches, inside is what is marked as the ‘MB2320’ movement aka Unitas 6498. It’s more about utility rather than decoration for this watch, so a closed case back could have been an option perhaps.


In a stainless steel case of 44mm (although it feels more like 42mm) with a onion-style crown typical of the watches it is recognising, it is available in both a strap and (nicely solid) Milanese version. They have apparently been selling like the proverbial hotcakes in Hong Kong since they became available almost two months ago, particularly the strap version, which costs HKD23,500.


Simple, attractive and solidly built versions of this eternally popular watch style, they are boutique-only, so if you’re interested, you know where to go.

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