NEWS : Smart watches banned from exams


When is a watch not a watch? Perhaps when it is seen as a tool for cheating and not for time telling.

According to a Sydney Morning Herald report, students undertaking their HSC (Higher School Certificate) this year will be banned from wearing Apple watches (and presumably other brands of smart watches) during their exams because of concerns about cheating. Joining the ranks of phones and iPads, the Apple watch is being clearly seen as an electronic conduit for answers to exam questions, something for which your average mechanical watch is probably not too useful.

The article also notes, interestingly, that the University of New South Wales has added a new exam prohibition to their exam policy, with watches having to be placed in clear plastic bags and placed under a student’s chair before the commencement of the exam.

Yes watches, not just smart watches. Here is UNSW’s exact wording

“Place your wrist and/ or handheld watch in a clear resealable bag under your seat before the exam commences. Due to an increase in technologically advanced smart watches and analogue watches, students are no longer permitted to have watches on their wrist or desk.”

How times have changed.

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  1. indeed.. how “times” have changed. Brave new world indeed. we used to have clocks around the room during exams, but legibility is terrible


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