TRIVIA : watchmakers and clockmakers of Australia


A random snippet courtesy of the whimsical and occasionally perplexing Twitter account of the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ national Census, which was last conducted in 2011.

Australia’s next Census will be held during August, 2016.

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  1. so many. the watch industry is saved!!


  2. Good to know. Just wondering if city like Sydney have a group of enthusiasts that regularly get together to talk about their interest in watches. Hodinkee has recently start a series of meetings and talks with independent watch makers in NYC as well as hosting the premier of the documentary about George Daniel and RW Smith. Would be a good thing to start/join and get to know the local collectors as well.


    • @Vincent – there are many collectors in Australia and groups of various types/ interests/ sizes as well as more informal GTGs, including in Sydney. The earliest Sydney watch group started over a decade ago (Sydney Paneristi) but there have been a couple of groups that have formed since then. I most recently attended a GTG last weekend. Unfortunately, Australia doesn’t regularly play host to visiting independent watchmakers but I have hosted/ co-hosted a few events in the past for visiting Indies. Email me at and I can tell you a bit more.


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