BASELWORLD 2015 : Graff MasterGraff Structural Tourbillon Skeletonised


Amongst the renowned jeweller Graff’s watch offerings for men this year was a rather interesting take on their MasterGraff tourbillons, which have previously appeared in a skeletonised and ‘regular’ versions of the same case shape.

Movement is the ‘proprietary’ (their word) skeletonised automatic Graff Calibre 6 with seventy-two hours power reserve. The unusual 46mm case consists of twenty-four ‘excavated’ facets that skeletonise it in a very interesting angular fashion. It is available in black DLC, brown DLC, or blackened titanium with rose gold details. Water resistance is 30m.

It’s quite a fascinating design, and the only immediate ‘down’ side I can think about this case structure is that it’s probably a magnet for particles of dust and the like in the crevices. Then again if you’re bothered by that you could always get the Diamond MasterGraff Structural Tourbillon which has diamonds instead of ‘excavations’, the facets of the diamonds becoming the larger ‘facets’ of the case. For more information, go to the Graff website here.

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