COMMENT : Being smart about Apple


If you think that spending over $10k on a bit of tech that will be obsolete in a year is a fabulous idea then I have a bridge to sell you. If you think that oh maybe you can melt it and get some money back then I direct you to this post.

On a more serious note – In terms of the cheaper mass market versions, I do suspect that will affect demand of watches in the same price segment, but to what extent will be the question.

I saw a cartoon featuring a row of three people looking down at their phones and then a row of the same three people looking down at their ‘Apple watches’. To me that’s what it is – miniaturisation of a electronic gadget (with broad functionality) that is now placed on your wrist, and that if there is any ‘threat’ as it were in relation to watches, it lies in body real estate. It may be a replacement for something gadgety rather than a replacement for a watch, but it’s taking up wrist space. Wrist space that may otherwise be taken up by a traditional watch. They might need to work on the battery life first, though…

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds over the next few months.

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  1. I am happy to admit that I am bit of an Apple Fanboy…but this iWatch business…initially I thought “wow, it would be so awesome to see what Apple does”. But now, it just seems like a very very expensive trinket which as you say will be obsolete in 12 months. There will be a version with more memory/battery life/thinner/higher resolution sometime in the future. And puuuurlease, maybe when the battery life is more than the power reserve of a 60-year old watch movement (yes. That’s you Mr Unitas-6497), I would be oohing and ahhing over an iWatch. For now…I rate it a solid “meh”…end rant. 🙂


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