JAEGER-LECOULTRE : the Master goes black


Although not their most glamorous or technically impressive pieces, two new releases by Jaeger-LeCoultre to their Master range at SIHH 2015 may end up being their most widely talked about. Why? Because they are new versions of two of the brand’s most accessible pieces, and for those who have a preference tending towards dark dials, they are a very welcome addition.

First up is the new Master Ultra Thin Moon, which now comes in stainless steel with a black dial. This piece joins its light dialled elder siblings in the same 39mm case with a moonphase indicator with concentric date display on the lower half of the black dial. The open caseback shows the Jaeger-LeCoultre automatic Calibre 925 with a power reserve of 38 hours.

The ‘blackness’ of the dial is quite matte and elegant and sleek. I’d even go out on a limb and say that this new black dialled version may be more versatile than the light dialled models, transitioning from an outfit of black jeans and casual top to a suited up evening. It comes no a black alligator strap with a double-folding buckle. There is already a red gold model with a slate dial that is dressy but arguably less versatile. Of the four iterations of the Master Ultra Thin Moon, this new one is hands-down my favourite.

The second release of note is the new Master Control Ultra Thin Date. Introduced last year in pink gold, it is now available in stainless steel, which means that it will prove to be an attractive proposition price wise for those wanting to get their first Jaeger-LeCoultre.

A solid everyday type of watch, it contains the automatic Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 899 movement with a powr reserve of 38 hours and also comes on a black alligator strap with a double-folding buckle. The blackness of the dial is similar to that of the Master Ultra Thin Moon but has the sense of being a much more casual piece. With this change to a black dial there is an almost vintage military watch feel to it, something that I thought I was alone in thinking, until I asked one or two others.

These two pieces are solid new additions to the Jaeger-LeCoultre stable  at their ‘bread and butter’ end of their collection spectrum. They are appealing variants, and I will be surprised if they don’t walk out the door.

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  1. The problem that some will have is that they like their ultra-thin watches to be ultra-thin and, as nice as it is, the MUT Moon at 10mm thick is hardly that.

    The problem that you have (I think) is that the second watch you have shown is not the MUT date: it seems to be the black-dial version of the Master Control date. The MUT date has stick or ‘sword’ indices (no numerals) and the date window at 6:00.



    • Dear pplater – I have no idea how that typo occurred and of course you are correct. Perhaps I had MUT on the brain or something. Now corrected. As ever, thank you. Regarding what is ultra-thin : well I guess therein lies the risk of being wedded to a particular collection name if ‘ultra thin’ keeps on being redefined….


    • pplater- agree that the ultra thin isn’t really ultra thin but styled to appear as such. however the master control is actually pretty darn thin at about 8.5mm but gets no mention of the apparent thinness…


      • You’re right, Tyrekicker, and therein lies more of the confusion to which Horologium refers. It’s a funny old day when your line which is branded as being ‘ultra-thin’ weighs in with a waistline much the same as your ‘regular’ brand. It’s like politics – remember the day when you could pick Liberal and Labor apart on policy and traditional electorate? It could do with a re-think on the part of JLC. Meantime, other brands who don’t suffer similar confusion (notably Piaget, perhaps VC) may well steal the crown, the bragging rights and the marketing edge.



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