Wearing watches : an artist’s view


Watch magazines, particularly print ones, tend to be photograph-heavy, with visual content largely either close-ups of the watches or highly stylised set pieces.

In a rare example of a change from this norm, Chronos FEMME, a Japanese watch and jewellery magazine distributed at watch retailers throughout Japan, recently commissioned illustrator/ artist Anna Higgie to draw six women wearing watches from Rolex, Roger Dubuis, Chaumet, Hermes, Hublot and Omega for their publication.

The results are the six pictures at the top of this post. To see how she arrived at the final images, go to her website here.

The idea of using illustrations to advertise or promote watches is one that seems to me, to be a possibility worth exploring for brands. They are not only a refreshing change but for brands with a strong history of supporting visual arts, this seems like a natural extension.

My thanks to Anna Higgie for allowing Horologium to use her illustrations for this post.

Categories: Chaumet, Ephemera, Hermes, Hublot, Omega, Roger Dubuis, Rolex, watches, Women's watches

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  1. that’s pretty cool.
    most fashion shoots that’s seen in fashion mags tend not to focus on watches.. it’ll either be covered by a coat, or just plain blurred…


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