BASELWORLD 2013 : U-Boat’s Limited Edition ‘Venenum’ Motorcycle


Baselworld isn’t just about watches, clocks and jewellery. This year U-Boat also presented a limited edition motorbike called the ‘Venenum’, one of a hundred bikes that will be created exclusively for them by Dino Romano from Moto Dal Cuore (which translates to ‘bike from the heart’).

The customised Venenum was done by hand, from the cutting of metal sheets to create parts such as the handle bars, to even the clutch and brake grips. A customisation of a Triumph Rocket III, it took about four months to create, has three cylinders, an engine of 140 cubic inches, 160 horse power engine, 220 Nm torque all in a 595lb beast with a rear tyre of 240cm wide.

As this is a collaborative effort, there are U-Boat signs and influences on the bike, including a reference to the watches’ crown-guard. The bike itself is rather like the brand’s watches – bold and out there, not afraid to make its presence known.

If you wish to be one of the hundred who will own one of these, go to Dino Romano’s website here.

[Photo credit : U-Boat]

Categories: Accessories, Baselworld 2013, Ephemera, U-Boat

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  1. So the crown guard graduates from ‘affected’ to ‘lethal’?…


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