Would you like a side of moon to go with your Speedy?

Well you can, the small technicality of funds nothwithstanding, as a 4lb chunk, the fourth-largest piece of lunar rock here, is up for auction. Otherwise called DaG 1058, this breccia originating from the far side of the moon has the single largest surface area to mass ratio of any of the largest lunar meteorites but has (incomprehensibly to me) been split into halves for display purposes. It is believed to have been ejected from the lunar surface following an asteroid impact.

Lunar specimens are identified by specific geological, mineralogical, chemical, and radiation signatures. These details, plus an analysis by Dr  Anthony Iriving (Univ. of Washington) of the radiation level that identifies this specimen’s origins, are described in the scientific abstract accompanying this lot.

The total weight of the two pieces is 3.92lbs; one of them is 2.42lbs and the other, 1.5lbs. The bid for Lot 49049 stands currently stands at $170,000 and the auction ends on October 13. Place your bids here, and if you get it, a shot with your Speedy is, obviously, mandatory.

Categories: Accessories, Auctions, Ephemera, News, Omega

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  1. I would think that would scratch the sh!t out of my Hesalite crystal. 😉


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