Plastic Fantastic – Swatch teams up with Kidrobot

For anyone who has had even a pasing interest in designer (vinyl) toys, the name of Kidrobot is a familiar one. Not just a shop, but also the world’s major creator of limited edition art toys, Kidrobot also regularly collaborates with top brands to create limited edition items.

This time, Kidrobot have partnered with Swatch for a collection of eight Swatch Gents, each accompanied by a complimentary (and complementary) Dunny. Dunny is Kidrobot’s iconic and collectible ‘bunny’ vinyl toy which, in addition to being collectible in its own right, has also come out in customised versions. For the Swatch collaboration, artists Gary Baseman, Jeremyville, Frank Kozik, Joe Ledbetter, MAD, Tara McPherson, SSUR, and Tilt were chosen to design both the Gent and the accompanying Dunny.

The eight models will be available in Swatch stores and points of sale from August 18 in China, and worldwide from September at this website or in Swatch stores/ points of sale worldwide.

They will be sold either separately (US$70), in which case each model comes with its own 3 inch  Dunny, or you can get the complete set (limited and numbered edition of 300) for US$1500.

Each watch in the set is numbered (xxx/300) and comes in a specially designed carry case. The eight  main Dunnys are 3 inches high, but Frank Kozik’s is in an additional 20 inch version.

Many Kidrobot toys attract a cult following, so I have no doubt that these sets will sell quickly. Am I tempted to get one (or more)? You bet I am. I have a couple of designer toys by Australian Nathan Jurevicius, who has also collaborated with Kidrobot on a limited edition Dunny.Watches anddesigner toys?

Must. Control. Self.

Categories: Limited Editions, Swatch, watches

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