Patria watches – Omega sibling?

Patria is a Latin word cognate with the Greek πατρίς (patris), both of which derive from the word for “father”, or “fatherland”. The watch brand Patria is commonly mentioned in the same breath as the brands of Brandt, Gurzelen, Labrador, Regina and Helvetia, all of whom are seen as “sister brands” of Omega.

Earlier this year I received this Patria as a gift.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have a horological book collection, so I have been somewhat limited in my primary and secondary material searches. What this has lead me to so far is puzzlement.

The puzzlement is about the actual Patria brand itself. There appear to be two schools of thought.

The first is that along with the brands mentioned above i.e. Brandt, Gurzelen, Labrador, Regina, Helvetia, it is a sibling of Omega in the sense that these brands are early manifestations of the brand as we know it today.

The second school of thought that I came across, with reference to Pritchard’s “Swiss Timepiece Makers” was that Patria was known in 1920 as “E.Matthey & Ed.Mathey-Grau, Patria Watch Co., Bienne). Omega Watch Co., New York, was listed in 1924 and 1925 as importing the brands Sada, Himalaya, Patria, Omega, Regina, Champ, Ethic, and Meric. According to this information, Patria was imported by Omega between 1910 and 1924 but Patria itself was not as a separate company until 1924.

I admit to having been rather restricted in my research to date, especially as I do not have a copy of that monumental Omega : A Journey Through Time, but I am interested in knowing a bit more about the brand.

If anyone has any knowledge of these “minor” Omega brands, I’d love to learn some more about them.

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  1. Hi , the first train of thought is correct
    Louis Brandt owned the name & trade mark.
    They produced some quality watches on the day.
    I am about to purchase , I hope , an extremely Rare Omega Patria Chronograph , black dial , 30min chrono , mint & Amazingly ~ 1940’s!!
    It is equal to any Omega of the same genre & age.

    It is a fine watch and has Omega “all over it”.
    Has a SADA signed case , which was also owend by Omega and used on watches sent to central and south American countries.

    I hope that may help a little.


    • Hi Nicholas,

      Thanks so much for adding some more information to my post. When I wrote this post (and I’d wager even now), there were blanks drawn when I asked even Omega enthusiasts about Patria. Congratulations on the new chronograph! If you’re open to sharing, @initialjh who does many of the photos here now, is a bit of a vintage chronograph enthusiast and we’d both love to see photos of your new piece and hear about it.


  2. So, with all this talk about Patria, and I own 4, where does one acquire a few winding stems, and what are the calibers. I have one that says AS 62, one that has an apple with an arrow in the middle, and two with no case markings at all. Any help would be super!!!


    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m afraid that I don’t personally know where to get parts, but the watches themselves are scarce enough, let alone parts. If you were in Sydney I could maybe direct you to someone who might know, but I think your best chance is to find some old school watchmakers who specialise in vintage watches and who might have something rattling around in a drawer somewhere. I am so sorry I can’t be of more help.


  3. l also have one which runs like a new one.l didnt knowabout them until l lucked onto this its 15 jewel


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