NEWS: COVID-19 case surge in Switzerland over New Year

A few weeks ago we reported on the new COVID-19 measures announced by the Swiss Federal Council.

As with the rest of the world, the Christmas and New Year period has been of concern. On 3 January 2022 the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) reported that there were 57,387 cases of COVID-19 during the previous four days.

These figures are markedly higher than for the same period for the previous week, when there were 36,261 people who tested positive for COVID-19. The seven day average for new infections has risen 60% to 14,933 and the total number of cases since 20 December 2021 is 172,209.

There were 57 recorded deaths over the last four days, compared to the 69 deaths announced a week ago.

As of 2 January 2022, of the 852 ICU beds available in Switzerland, total occupancy is 631 (74.1%). Of these, there are 308 COVID-19 patients (36.2%), 323 (37.9%) non COVID-19 patients, and 221 (25.9%) free beds.

The vaccination numbers for Switzerland are below.

Most Swiss cantons have followed federal government advice to reduce the quarantine period for those who have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive case from ten to seven days.


5 Jan 2022 – there have been 20,742 new lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19, 61,328 tests with a 33.8% positivity rate, 109 hospitalisations, and 15 deaths in the last 24 hours in Switzerland.

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