INDUSTRY NEWS : Another departure from Baselworld 2020

The rumours surrounding Breitling and Baselworld 2020 have been confirmed, with a press release announcing that the brand will not participate in next year’s fair, but not explicitly ruling out attendance in 2021.

As well, Tudor will separate from its sibling and have its own booth from 2020.

The press release quotes Breitling CEO Mr Georges Kern as saying that despite the success of the 2019 fair for the brand, “…we decided to focus on our global Summit format in 2020 and the subsequent local roadshows. The decisive factor is first and foremost the new Baselworld date at the end of April, which cannot be reconciled with our planning.”

Mr Michel Loris-Melikoff, MD of Baselworld, stated :

“We very much regret that Breitling will not be exhibiting at Baselworld 2020.”

“The path Breitling is taking to present the brand as an experience is perfectly in line with our strategy of transforming Baselworld into an experience platform,” said Loris-Melikoff. “That’s why we jointly strove to integrate the Summit into Baselworld. In the end, no agreement was reached because the end of April date set for Baselworld 2020 – from 30 April to 5 May – was too late for Breitling.”

Tudor, which has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years, will have its own separate area in Hall 1.0, with Rolex’s floor space expanding in a commensurate fashion.

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