KARI VOUTILAINEN : dialling it up

In his first launches for 2019, Kari Voutilainen focused not on any new model, but on new sizing (the ones in today’s post are 44mm and 37.5mm) and dial materials/ patterns for his Vingt-8. Today, we are sharing some of these new options that were showcased by him.

First up we have a 44m piece is polished titanium, not a case metal for which he is known, with a bright dark blue enamelled guilloché dial centre surrounded by grey guilloché in two contrasting wave patterns.

Perhaps it’s just me, but it has seemed that his dials have become increasingly colourful over recent years compared to earlier in his brand’s history, and these two red examples, although not his first along this part of the colour spectrum, are not only vivid but also show off some more modern approaches to guilloché designs.

The first one, in different shades of red, reminds me of the black and white checkerboard circle optical illusions I did as a child, but obviously infinitely more complex both in form and in terms of execution, since it is created in guilloché by engine-turning, not me using a pencil/ pen. It also makes me wonder how the same design would look in another colour.

The second piece, a more muted (and less orange-toned) red and also in the 37.5mm size, is more traditionally Voutilainen in the design/ partitioning of the engine-turned dial with its contrasting frosted guilloché. Also of note is the matching of the colour of the hands’ circles with the dial colour. Of the two red models, my personal preference is this one.

This next variant is in a 44mm platinum case, with a mother-of-pearl dial. The combination of material and colour gives the dial a delicacy (or softness) removed from the more commonly seen bolder dials of the brand. The first time he has made a dial in this material, this MOP dial may glow in the dark, and the hand’s circles aren’t an exact match in this instance, but the 2019 blue theme continues.

The final dial (and watch) is perhaps the most unexpected one for me. In a 39mm x 11.5mm titanium case and called the 28E, the combination of jet-black solid gold grand feu enamel dial and applied Breguet numerals make it seem less ‘Voutilainen’ to my eyes, the distinctive hands notwithstanding. As #thewatchnerd says, an overall classic piece. But it does bring to mind an interesting question – in buying a watch, if it is very attractive to you, to the point of wanting it, if it seems less obviously ‘of the maker’ than other pieces, does this factor into your decision making?

As we’ve noted before, customisation is the name of the game when it comes to ordering a watch from Kari Voutilainen, so if any of these design possibilities takes your fancy, but in another colour/ pattern combination, you can always ask.

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