NEW : Casio G-Shock goes ‘Pure Gold’

Casio’s marking of the 35th birthday of the G-Shock continues with a new model that is gold in both name and form.

The Pure Gold Dream Project G-Shock has its genesis in the pièce unique Casio ‘Dream Project’ G-Shock concept watch of 2015, called the DW-5000 IBE SPECIAL. Unlike that one-off piece, this new model, also 18 carat gold, is for sale, in a limited edition of thirty-five pieces.

Otherwise called the G-D5000-9JR, it is priced at an eye-opening 7,700,000 Yen, which converts to around the 100,000 AUD mark, and the main specs are as follows :

Structure: Impact Structure
Waterproof: 20 ATM water resistant
Received radio waves: Japan (Fukushima Bureau) / (Kyushu Bureau), USA, UK, Germany, China
Power used: Tough Solar (solar charging system)
World time: 38 cities in the world (38 time zone, automatic summer time setting function) +
Time display of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time),
With time replacement function with home time
Stopwatch: 1/100 second (less than 1 hour) / 1 second (over 1 hour)
24 hour total, with split
Timer: set unit: 1 second, maximum set: 24 hours, measured in 1 second increments
Alarm: 5 time alarms (with 1 snooze function only) · Time signal
Light: LED back-light (full auto light, Super Illuminator, Fade in fade out),
Afterglow function, afterglow time change: 2 seconds / 4 seconds

Other specifications: STN liquid crystal, power saving function, battery charge warning function,
Full auto calendar (until 2099), 12/24 hour display switching,
Operation sound ON / OFF switching, month / day display order change,
Day of the week display (English, Western, French, German, Italian, and Russian languages)
Size: 50.0mm x 43.2mm x 13.0 mm
Product weight: Approximately 300g

To get an idea about the process of making a solid gold G-Shock, here is the official video from 2015 about the Dream Project piece.

If you have this sort of spare change and want to spend on this G-Shock, a limited number of stores in Japan will be accepting reservations on 15 May 2019, with the watches arriving in December 2019. The participating stores are listed at this link, and if you can read Japanese, here is the press release.

For those who are of the disposition to spend that many Yen on a Japanese watch, here’s another option.

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