OCHS UND JUNIOR : Buy a perpetual calendar and assemble it yourself

Today we want to share with you something genuinely unusual.

Ludwig Oechslin’s Ochs und Junior are the makers of one of the most minimalist perpetual calendars available. Now, should you be considering getting one, there is an option that puts a new spin on a buying a watch – a two day experience that includes a tour of Ochs und Junior, followed by your own workshop during which, under the guidance of one of their watchmakers, you will get to go hands-on with the assembly of the watch that will become yours, and have lunch with Beat Weinmann, the brand’s co-founder.

As is the case when it comes to Ochs und Junior, you first  customise your perpetual calendar, either by using their online customiser on their website (which rather handily also gives you the cost of your watch), or directly with the brand. It will then take ten weeks to get all the parts ready for your two day workshop.

So what will this cost you? 4,000 CHF on top of the cost of the perpetual calendar. However, there is one important thing to note – there will only be three of these offered per annum, so if you are interested, you’d better get in sooner rather than later.

To get an idea of what might be in store in the ‘assembly’ part of this, click on this link.

Even if you are  not currently in the market for a perpetual calendar, it’s still fun to play around with the customiser.

Personalisation and customisation have been enjoying a growth in popularity as people look for differentiation in their watches (as with other objects of desire). Ochs and Junior, who have been quietly providing this for a little while, have now rather ingeniously extended it into an even more personalised realm. To read more about this two day workshop, click here.


[Photo credit : Ochs und Junior]


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