GoS : Gustafsson and Sjögren’s Sarek goes ‘ice blue’

The GoS Sarek, which we covered last year (click on this link), had its premiere as a prototype at Baselworld 2016. Coming in a 43mm stainless steel case, it not only had their largest Damascus dial up to that point, but it was also the first model to have a (new) crown inspired by Viking sword hilts.

The collection is named after a valley in the Sarek National Park in Swedish Lapland, and the dials inspired by the Park’s landscape. It seems only natural that blue is added to the collection, courtesy of the ‘Ice Blue’.

Patrik Sjögren and Johan Gustafsson first developed the ‘ice blue’ tempered Damascus steel dials for their Nordic Seasons collection of 2012 and also used it in the Bifrost, but they have continued to work on further enhancing the ‘blueness’, as it were. Now, you are able to get 164 layers of Damascus Steel in various shades of blue, created by repeated heat tempering of the dial.

The Viking references are subtle but aplenty – hands in a spear shape, chapter ring and the case inspired by Viking bracelets and brooches, and the crown are inspired by a sword hilt.

Inside the 43mm Sarek is the reliable Soprod A10 movement, with a custom rotor in a GoS triskele design. The rotor also has a German silver hand-finished counter weight.

You probably know this already, but the nature of Damascus steel means that each watch has a differently patterned/ coloured dial. To represent this, each Sarek Ice Blue comes with a “Sarek 1/1” engraving as well as a serial number.

For those unfamiliar with GoS watches, this new Sarek will come on their Moose leather strap, in your choice of four options. As well as using moose, GoS watches come in boxes that form a crucial part of the ‘sense of place’ about these timepieces, and which celebrate the traditional arts of the area. For the ‘Ice Blue’, it is a handmade Walnut box made by Kanevad wood artisans in Linköping.

Having looked at a couple of GoS dials in detail, I can say that they are a perfect example of watches that look even better ‘in the metal’ than they do in photos. What is even better, however, is looking at the Damascus steel under a loupe (I used a Loupe System, which I carry around with me). This is when the dial’s nuances, especially with the play of light on its surface, really shine.

The RRP of Sarek ‘Ice Blue’ is US$9,500 (without taxes). For more information about how to order one, click on this link.


[Photo credit : GoS]

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