TIFFANY & CO : a new ladies Metro Collection

Tiffany & Co’s Sydney public footprint in recent times has been rather notable, not just because of high profile collection jewellery launches, but also because of a rather remarkable geographical coverage of advertising. In contrast, perhaps in large part because there are presently a scarce two examples of two models available (of sixteen) here in Sydney at present, the new Tiffany & Co Metro watch collection has snuck quietly into town.

So what is this new collection about? Well it’s about creating a series of watches that are modernised design nods to timepieces and jewellery from the vast Tiffany archives.

Coming in two sizes in a variety of metal and dial/ strap colour combinations, the Metro collection is characterised not just by the case and S-link bracelet designs but also by the use of diamonds, whether this be via the diamond-set bezels, baguette or round-cut diamond hour markers, or the crown (more about that later). The bracelet link inspiration comes from vintage jewellery found in a Blue Book, and the distinctive asymmetrical case design has it inspiration in a vintage watch.

Both of the models we saw in Sydney were stainless steel, with one in each available size (28mm and 34mm). We need to point out that there is a fundamental difference between the two size variants across the entire Metro collection – the 28mm sized models use a Ronda quartz movements and the 34mm models, an automatic Soprod movement. However, they do all share the same flinqué dials; on the day we visited, the colour was a Tiffany-esque pale blue. For those unfamiliar with the term, the flinqué guilloché form of finishing refers to a decoration that is engraved either by hand or more commonly, using a rose-engine. It comprises of intersecting straight or wavy lines.

Tiffany have said that they chose this style of dial decoration, in conjunction with the use of polished and brushed finishing on both case and bracelet, so that the watches are more visually engaging for the wearer, who can watch the play of light on the dial in an idle moment.

I mentioned diamonds. Well it’s not just about the dial and bezel, but also about the crown. Each piece in the Metro collection has a round GIA-certified 0.21 carat D-F brilliant-cut diamond set into the crown. However, this is not all; knowing the value that their clientele places in their stones, these Tiffany diamonds all have serial numbers and their own certificates.

The Sydney boutique do not yet know when the full range will be available, but click on this link to see all the models. Although the bracelet is really quite attractive in terms of design, weight, and how smoothly it wraps around the wrist, I am keen to see the strap versions, as for me it is in these that the design curves and flow of the case is accentuated. The price for the steel/ diamond Metro highlighted in this post is $11,700.

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