NEW : Ressence Type 5 Grey

Ressence have just launched a new grey version of their Type 5 dive watch, which first released in black. We we managed to get a sneak peek of the new Type 5 Grey during SIHH 2017, and today we share some photos of it with you.

Firstly, for those unfamiliar with the Type 5, a recap.

When developing the Ressence Type 3, they realised that because of the use of oil to fill the dial, there was no dial reflection when reading the watch – why not create a dive watch? And so the Type 5 came into being.

The case of the Type 5 is made in microbilled Grade 5 titanium and measures 46mm, 2mm larger than the Type 3, but in any event it sits smaller than this, closer to a 44mm (and yes, this means that the Type 3 also sits smaller than its stated size) in large part due to short lugs.

The increase in size was for practical reasons – the addition of a rotating unidirectional diving bezel. Ressence’s trademark no-crown concept is still here, meaning that adjustments and winding are via the rotating case back, but for water resistance related reasons, a new (clearly marked) lock was introduced to the Type 5 (which they call the ‘Ressence Compression Lock System) that is for locking and compression of the gasket.

The Ressence Type 5 dial shows the hours, the minutes, a 90-second runner and a temperature gauge for the oil.

Inside is a highly modified Calibre ETA 2824 base.

As another brand pointed out during SIHH 2017, you can’t just call a watch a ‘dive watch’, there are ISO standards involved, and with the Type 5 Ressence wanted to meet the ISO 6425 standard, meaning able to dive to a minimum of 100m with the crown secure (tick), legibility at this depth (tick), visible hands (SuperLuminova – tick), a rotating bezel (tick), and no condensation (37.5ml of oil – tick).

Oil is affected by pressure and temperature, expanding if hot and contracting if cold. Ressence uses seven bellows in the Type 5 (as per the Type 3) to compensate for this. From a wearing point of view, there’s a temperature gauge on the dial so you can keep an eye on it.

Another feature of the Ressence Type 5 is its runner that acts like a shock absorber. Because the hands/ discs are driven by magnets, if the watch experiences a shock, it may result in a positional difference between the magnetic disc of the movement and the magnetic disc of the Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS). The back of the small runner disc (that has a 90 seconds turn) comprises of blades that act like an hydraulic brake. The discs are linked; if the runner brakes, the other one will brake in a way that compensates and absorbs the shock.

The new grey Ressence Type 5 comes on a 24mm brown Cordovan or grey alligator leather strap with titanium ardillon buckle. The RRP is EUR 31,500/ CHF 28,500.

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